Right Wing Validation Foundation

RWVF.org is a global nonprofit working to restore truth and order to our country.

RWVF.org is a global nonprofit working to restore truth and order to our country.

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Right is the way

Thanks to the overwhelming amount of misinformation and slander being spread, the citizens of the United States are being denied facts thus unable to make informed decisions on policy and elected leaders.

According to some sources Republican politics leads to better lives, creates more well paying jobs, safer homes, healthier families, and a stronger nation. According to the others it’s the opposite. This is where the rwvf.org comes in, we do the exhaustive research to prove what statements are wrong and what statements are right.  That is why we are the Right Wing Validation Foundation and the truth is our number one goal.

The Right Wing Validation Foundation is always in full compliance with The Restriction of Political Campaign Intervention by Section 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt organizations. We do offer our full support in activities or expenditures which are proven non prohibitive.

There's a smart way to end the truth crisis

We understand there are many different voices standing in the way between you and the truth.

That’s where rwvf.org comes in. The Right Wing Validation Foundation substantiates statements and policies while calling out and disproving slanderous or derogatory remarks masquerading as facts.

How do we pull this off? We have a carefully curated network of fair and respected freelance industry professionals who stay on top of trending issues, then research supporting data, and finally share their proof through appropriate media outlets.

Your donation is power

Together with our partners across the country we’ll utilize millions of dollars to ensure the facts are properly represented. By supporting the rwvf.org you are part of the solution not the problem and will play an active roll in the fastest growing and influential organization of truth.