Right Wing Validation Foundation

About Us

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Over 7 thousand lies made by the Left have beend detected and are being addressed
with the help of the rwvf.org

When You're Right Your Right

The Right Wing Validation Foundation is a global nonprofit working to restore truth and order to our country.

We use our innovative aggregate accelerator model which utilizes the top freelance talents across industries in order to help us identify and dismantle the false information being spread about the Republican Party and others.

The access to information turns their lies into our truth

Public trust is at an all time low, only about one-quarter of Americans – 82.4M – say they can trust the government in Washington. This “trust crisis” negatively affects the health and livelihood of 100% of all Republicans.

For millions of Americans access to the information provided by the Right Wing Validation Foundation will turn confusion into clarity and understanding in order to unlock unlimited health and financial potential for them and their family.

TNCR, University of Tennessee 2020

Founded on passion, experience and necessity

The Right Wing Validation Foundation was formed during the Clinton administration when Republican efforts to bring transparency to Washington were accused of being malicious and partisan.

Co-Founded by Gary Cooper, he brought together a group of colleagues and trustworthy industry professionals with the singular goal of keeping hard-working citizens of our country up-to-date and informed.

Our approach is innovative and effective

In confronting the tired efforts of those looking to smear whoever disagrees with them, the Right Wing Validation Foundation turned to some of today’s top entrepreneurial minds.

With their help we were able to develop a cutting-edge system of research and publication that will keep the Right Wing Validation Foundation one step ahead for years to come.

Conservative entrepreneur