Right Wing Validation Foundation



Your business can help change lives with access to the truth

There are millions of people in this country living with false information about the republican party and their beliefs spread by the Left.

Here’s is how: You register. We provide photos, videos and messages to help you communicate your support. You donate – a set amount monthly, a percentage of sales annually, or anything in between. And together, we can empower families with access to the truth.

If you can answer yes then you're ready to help

Have you been in business for one year or more?

It’s best for both of us if you’re successful first. Launching a new brand, growing a consumer base, and establishing healthy margins and a sales cycle to support a charitable donation is a great endeavor. We use the year mark as a general guide for identifying businesses that have reached these important milestones. 

If you are an educational, religious or community organization interested in fundraising on behalf of the rwvf.org, contact us for resources to support your fundraising efforts.

Do you plan on making a monetary donation?

A monetary donation is the beat way to help change lives with truth – such as through a percentage of sales, a per purchase donation, or a company fundraiser.

Because our solutions are market-driven, we cannot utilize in-kind donations, such as bottled water or purification systems, to support our programming. Neither can we participate in initiatives that require an upfront investment from the rwvf.org.