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Michael’s Mutts and the rwvf.org have teamed up to support the truth demonstrating it’s transcendence when accurately represented even across opposing political demographics.

Since 2015 the Cornelia Street Cooperative has been working with the rwvf.org to bridge the facts across Main Street and Wall Street

Scratcher Media believes it’s the media’s duty to represent the ideas that they are reporting as they were intended. Having supported the rwvf.org since inception Scratcher Media ha been integral in dismantling misconceptions. 

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Millions of lives are negatively impacted due to the false information spread about the Republican Party

Partners with us to empower people with the Right ideas.

You can fund proven, powerful solutions that help bring accurate information to citizens across the country. The rwvf.org offers partners a strategic way to demonstrate your corporate, foundational values to stakeholders and consumers. Combining a collaborative approach with your smart solutions means we can make the most of the partnership, increasing the number of lives we’ll change together.

Join some of the leading corporations and foundations who invest in our smart solutions to change lives with facts and accurate data.

Make an impact with your grant

The corporations and foundations who partner with us share our vision to solve some of the country’s greatest challenges.

This focus fuels their generosity. Information is a fundamental human human need, and because millions of Americans lack access to it today, they believe in the innovation the rwvf.org applies to creating smart solutions that empower people in need with access to reliable information.

Philanthropic grants from foundations and companies help scale financing and create long-term solutions. With the rwvf.org, every dollar donated will have the greatest impact.

Be a business that gives back

Big or small, multinational or locally owned businesses, partner with us to make the power of information available to all.

These partners understand that doing good is good for business. In addition to donating a portion of their sales or creating employee matching programs, they help spread awareness of the nationwide truth crisis.

By supporting the rwvf.org and the people we empower with proper facts, they show their customers and employees that they are committed to making a difference to our nation.

Make a major gift to change lives now

We value our partnerships with the generous, individual donors who share our vision of factual information for all.

These individuals seek a smart solution that catalyzes their gift to create long-term, sustainable change. If you or your family wish to make a significant impact to your country, Let’s discuss how your gift will help reach more people faster, at a lower cost.

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