Right Wing Validation Foundation

Founders, Board and Team

Gary Cooper is a leader, soldier and innovator. While attending college he witnessed his beloved Republican Party under attack and took it as a call to arms.

Gary puts his passion and integrity on the line every day to make sure the ideals of The Right are accurately represented.

Our Board

Because the rwvf.org is the only organization to aide The Republican Party in a variety of innovative ways we are fortunate to have such a distinguished board.

Colin Wheeler

Managing Director, William Ting Capital

Michelle White

CEO, Scratcher Media

DJ Benjamin

Chairman, Cornelia Street Group

Ben Hurst

Chairman, Hurst Corp

Drew Marks

Principal, Bumps Inc.

Michael Coopers

Founder, Michael’s Mutts

Executive Team

Alongside CEO & Co-founder Gary Cooper our Executive Team oversees the day-to-day operations of our growing organization and network of partners.

Fred Nicholson

Chief Operation Officer

With over 25 years experience of building successful businesses Fred is responsible for the operating efficiency and effectiveness of the rwvf.org.

Tracy Marshall

Chief Insights Officer

Tracy oversees the generation of a credible evidence base to advanced insights and influence action. She holds degrees in statistics and planning.

Aaron Patterson

Chief Financial Officer

Aaron manages all financial matters across the organization. He came to the rwvf.org as a top fund manager and holds an MBA in Global Finance

Jen Fitzmaurice

Chief Revenue Officer

Jen leads a team dedicated to fundraising and marketing strategy. She joined the rwvf.org from Green All Day USA and brings 20 years of fundraising, PR and program directing experience.

Mike Dean

Chief of Global Impact

A vital member of the team, Mike works as a key advisor across all levels of the organization. He has been with the rwvf.org since its inceeption and is considered a Texas football legend.